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UK China collaboration moves up the agenda after Brexit, UK Trade & Investment (UKTI)

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BOP Consulting and the Department of International Trade (formerly UKTI) reveal crucial opportunities for collaboration between UK and China’s Museum and Theatre sectors.

Targeted and facilitated long-term partnerships have been found to be the best way for the museum and theatre sectors to share knowledge, deepen collaboration and unlock opportunities for trade and exchange.

This report is timely as the UK creative sector has emphasised its concerns over Brexit and the potential disruption to collaboration with European partners.

Culture in China is booming. Culture spend per capita in the UK is four times that of China – but China’s spending has grown eight fold between 2000 and 2014.

Paul Owens, Director at BOP Consulting, said:

“This research sets out how the museum and theatre sectors in the UK and China can collaborate and do business. Both countries are facing many common challenges including reaching new audiences, addressing new technologies and adjusting to new economic contexts. There is a real appetite for collaboration.”

The report, produced in English and Mandarin, addresses one of the main obstacles to collaboration: a lack of knowledge among sector professionals about the state of play in one another’s countries. Through comparison of current practice in both countries, opportunities for collaboration are identified.

However, given geographical and other barriers to access, the report concludes that short-term and profit-led approaches are unlikely to succeed. Instead the focus should be on long-lasting partnerships which can build value for all parties.

Feedback from key stakeholders suggests that these partnerships should be facilitated by an industry-led platform, established with the support of both the UK and Chinese governments.

Samuel Raff, Head of Creative Industries and Sports for Department of International Trade, British Embassy Bejiing, said:

This report illustrates, in clear terms, the areas where the UK and China can collaborate for cultural and commercial benefit. It underlines that, despite the differences in our museums and theatres, there are opportunities for tangible cooperation in areas like design, content provision and audience development.”

The full report can be found here.

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