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The Royal Opera House in Thurrock, Royal Opera House

Assessing the impact of ROH's learning and participation work in the Thames Gateway

Our detailed, ‘360 degree’ assessment explored the value that the Royal Opera House (ROH) is bringing to the regeneration of Thurrock and the Thames Gateway.

The work established how ROH improved cultural learning provision in schools, helped to raise the quality of teaching and learning in arts subjects, was enriching and strengthening the wider community, and contributed to the growth of a new economic sector in this deprived part of Essex.

Our research also assessed whether the presence and activities that ROH programmes in Thurrock was helping to combat negative external perceptions of the area and how the Opera House’s involvement in Thurrock has subtly altered the ‘DNA’ of the organisation itself.

You can download the final report here.

The ROH has also released an infographic summarising the key facts and figures.

Image credit: Peter Taylor on Flickr Creative Commons