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Asia Europe Foundation (ASEF), Asia Europe Foundation (ASEF)

Our evaluation of a cross continental arts and culture portal

We were commissioned by Asia Europe Foundation (ASEF) to conduct an independent evaluation of its arts and culture portal, covering 53 members of the Asia-Europe meeting (ASEM).

The evaluation focused on assessing its provision of ‘relevant and reliable information on the arts for artists, arts organisations and policy makers across Asia and Europe’, as well as engagement and impacts on key stakeholders, content, technology support and infrastructure. We undertook a rapid review of web analytics and of internal documentation, conducted online user survey, as well as interviews with 20 stakeholders representing a cross-section of different types of organisation in Asia and Europe.

Through workshopping findings and recommendations with the staff from the Culture Department of ASEF, the research has helped inform the future development of the portal and the supporting resources required in the future.