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Yunzhen Yang, Researcher

Yunzhen is a researcher at BOP, based in Shanghai. Her work primarily focuses on supporting international organisations to better understand the Chinese creative and cultural industries.

Her recent projects include sustainable cultural infrastructure development in China for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (UK) and exploring the potential for a Chinese digital copyright exchange with the AHRC’s Centre for Digital Copyright and IP Research in China. Her most recent UK work includes market research and business planning for Kettle’s Yard, and economic and social impact evaluation for the Churches Conservation Trust.

Prior to joining BOP, Yunzhen worked as a consultant at Phoenix Culture in China, conducting strategy development for cultural tourism projects.

Yunzhen is a native Mandarin speaker, holds an MA in Cultural Heritage Studies from University College London, and a First Class Honors BBA in Cultural Industries Management from Hong Kong Baptist University.


杨蕴真 分析员


她近期参与的项目包括为英国外交和联邦事务处针对中国文化设施可持续发展的研究,以及与英国艺术与人文研究委员会位于中国的数字版权和知识产权研究中心一起探索发展中国数字版权交易机制。她曾参与的英国项目包括剑桥大学艺术博物馆Kettle’s Yard的市场调研和商业策划,以及教堂保护基金会新型保护模式的经济社会影响测评。