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Conor Roche, Associate Director

Conor Roche

Conor Roche has over fifteen years international experience as a digital media and technology expert in the culture and creative industries. Based in Shanghai, he supports international businesses and public clients do work in China.

Areas of focus include equity-crowdfunding and IP regulations in China. Interviewed by Forbes, Wall Street Journal and China Daily regarding equity crowdfunding in China and the first to publish an English translation of Chinese equity crowdfunding draft regulations. Current projects include the development of a China UK cross-border equity crowdfunding solution and a Chinese digital copyright exchange.

Previously founder of Fieldwork, a digital media consulting practice where he developed a portfolio of international clients from China, Hong Kong, India and the UK. Also the first Head of Broadcast and New Media at the Roundhouse, London where he was responsible for growing the organisation’s digital business. That work included developing and executing commercial partnership deals with Google / YouTube, MySpace, Pulse Films and Apple/iTunes.

Conor has a BSc in computer science and maths from University College Dublin, Ireland. He was selected for the Council for the US and Italian Young Leaders Program 2015 and awarded a Nesta Fellowship as part of the Clore Leadership Programme 2012.


康岚·罗彻 中国区总裁


康岚主要关注的领域括股权众筹和中国的知识产权管理。他曾被福布斯、华尔街日报和中国日报就中国股权众筹问题接受采访,也 首位将中国股权众筹法规草案翻译成英文并发布的专家。目前正在进行的项目包括中英跨境股权众筹解决方案发展,及中国数字版权交易机制。

他是数字媒体咨询公司Fieldwork的创始人,广泛服务于包括中国大陆、香港、印度和英国在内的国际客户。他还是伦敦圆屋剧场的第一任广播和新媒体总监,负责发展该机构的数字业务,与谷歌YouTube、MySpace、Pulse Films 和 苹果iTunes 达成商务合作。