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World Cities Culture Forum

We organise and coordinate The World Cities Culture Forum (WCCF), a network of 38 cities across six continents.

BOP Consulting manages the World Cities Culture Forum (WCCF) on behalf of the Greater London Authority (GLA), London’s municipal government.

WCCF is a network of 38 cities across six continents collaborating on research and policy around shared opportunities and challenges for culture and creativity in cities across the globe.

WCCF believes that culture is an essential ingredient in the cities of the 21st century and that no global city can be successful without it. Our members have a shared commitment to weaving culture through all aspects of urban policy, like a golden thread, contributing to city reputation, economic prosperity and quality of life.

The Forum was founded in 2012 by London, New York City, Shanghai, Paris, Tokyo, Sydney, Johannesburg and Istanbul. It is unique in bringing city leaders, senior policymakers, and people of influence together to develop strategies aimed at supporting cultural activity and the creative economy - with a long-term view.

The Policy and Practice Series is the latest strand in the work of WCCF: a series of in-depth investigations focusing on shared challenges and showcasing effective responses and case studies from our city members. These include:

  • The World Cities Finance Report: The first global comparative research study on the subject, examining how much is spent on culture, who spends it and what it is spent on. The report also presents a detailed profile of cultural funding in 16 global cities.
  • Making Space for Culture: This report attempts to answer the question of how world cities can work to protect and sustain their cultural infrastructure in the midst of the current affordability and gentrification crisis these cities are facing. It provides a toolkit of ways that cities can go about doing this and provides case studies of specific initiatives that 12 different cities are pursuing to address this challenge.
  • Culture and Climate Change: Culture and Climate Change, produced in partnership with the C40 Climate Leadership Group and cultural sustainability consultancy Julie’s Bicycle, provides actionable solutions for mayors and city leaders to address the question of how culture can help cities achieve their goals to create a more environmentally sustainable future and how cities can incorporate cultural approaches to combat climate change.