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The cultural and creative industries play an increasingly important role in the UK China relationship

In recent years, UK China cultural and creative economy links have flourished. 2014 saw the signing of a UK China film co-production treaty and the opening of the China Design Centre in London. The 2015 UK China Year of Cultural Exchange saw works including performance, design, photography and music travelling between the countries. The 2015 People to People Dialogue saw the UK commit nearly £5m to showcase the ‘Best of British culture’ in China, closely followed by the announcement, as part of President Xi Jingping’s State Visit, of £325m in UK China creative and technology partnerships.

China enshrined the cultural and creative industries into national policy in 2006, and by 2011 put the sector forward as a ‘main pillar’ of the national economy. The UK is a cultural and creative industries pioneer and leader, and so a partner of choice for China.

The UK China relationship is strategically important to our clients on both sides. To support and grow this relationship, our China team produce sector specific knowledge and insight, connect UK and Chinese organisations, and deliver projects on the ground.