August 2011
31 August 2011
Insights into the contemporary craft sector

BOP Consulting is currently working on a major mapping and impact study of the contemporary craft sector in the UK, a project commissioned by the Crafts Council, Creative Scotland, the Arts Council of Wales and Craft Northern Ireland.

The Crafts Council produces regular research briefings of its own on various aspects of craft.

30 August 2011
Local TV moves a step closer

Despite continued scepticism about whether local TV is commercially viable in Britain, the government is ploughing ahead with its plans. Sixty-five towns and cities from across the country have been identified as possible locations (having suitable spectrum coverage), and they have been invited to submit bids.

26 August 2011
Creative industries in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

The three Baltic states have been pioneers in cross-border co-operation around the creative economy, having established a joint network to develop creative industries in 2006. A new report, Creative industries in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania 2011, reviews progress in the sector over the last year, noting (among other things) the ways in which mapping exercises have raised the profile of the industries, leading to them being increasingly embedded in government policies.   

25 August 2011
Helping new entrants into the media and entertainment sectors

As it is the season of exam and degree results, this latest 'toolkit' may be well-timed. BECTU, the media and entertainment union, has just launched a Creative Toolkit to help potential new entrants to the creative industries get started. It can be found here

24 August 2011
Promoting Scotland's creative industries

Creative industries, especially digital media, are thought to be doing well in Scotland, and have been declared a priority sector by the Scottish Government. (Creative Scotland has just announced a new fund to support training and development in the TV and digital media industries, for instance.)

23 August 2011
Re-thinking high streets and town centres

In May 2011 the Government commssioned Mary Portas to lead a review to look at ways of tackling the decline in Britain's high streets. The think-tank Urban Pollinators, in conjunction with a group of collaborators which include the Empty Shops Network, Meanwhile Space and ResPublica, have published their thoughts on what might be done here.

22 August 2011
Entertainment companies react to differences in digital piracy rates

The Economist has an interesting article on the differences in digital piracy rates from country to country, and the effects these have on entertainment companies’ behaviour. Such companies are pulling back from Spain, for instance, where piracy is rife, and concentrating more on places where it is less of a problem, such as Germany or South Korea. 

18 August 2011
What drives volunteering in culture and sport?

The National Centre for Social Research has produced a report (commissioned by the DCMS’s CASE group) called Understanding the Drivers of Volunteering in Culture and Sport.

17 August 2011
AHRC announces Creative Economy Hubs

The Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) has announced which universities are to lead its Knowledge Exchange Hubs for the Creative Economy programme. The four winners are the Universities of Lancaster and Dundee, Queen Mary (University of London), and the University of the West of England, which is based in Bristol.

16 August 2011
Comparisons of sporting and cultural engagement across Europe

The DCMS has just published a report written by Orian Brook, its ESRC Placement Fellow, looking at rates of public engagement in sport and culture across Europe.

15 August 2011
British Council relaunches its Creative Economy website

The British Council has recently relaunched its Creative and Cultural Economy programme website. The programme aims to connect 'people who work in and inform the creative and cultural industries around the world with those in the UK'.

11 August 2011
Future business models for British libraries

The Local Government Group and the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council have published Future Libraries: Change, options and how to get there. The report can be found here

10 August 2011
The music industry's tough year in 2010

PRS for Music has produced its annual summary of the state of the British music industry. Adding up the UK music industry 2010 finds that total UK music revenues fell by 4.8 per cent, to £3.8bn.

09 August 2011
Culture and the National Planning Policy Framework

The Government issued its draft National Planning Policy Framework at the end of July – it can be read here. The draft is currently out for consultation (until 17 October), but is already proving controversial, as this furious piece from Simon Jenkins illustrates.

08 August 2011
Insights into the consumption of communications services in Britain

Ofcom has produced its annual Communications Market Report for 2011. The report covers a huge array of information about the consumption of communications and digital media in Britain, and is well worth exploring.

05 August 2011
UK Government accepts Hargreaves' review recommendations

The Business Secretary, Vince Cable, has announced that the government intends to accept all ten of the recommendations made by the review into intellectual property led by Ian Hargreaves (the review can be found here).

04 August 2011
Lessons in branding a city

The European branch of the Urban Land Institute has published a short summary of a workshop it ran looking at city branding, using the  case studies of Hamburg, Barcelona, London and Edinburgh.

03 August 2011
BFI's Statistical Yearbook 2011 released

The BFI (British Film Institute) has released its 2011 statistical yearbook as it inherits the responsibility for such data from the UK Film Council. There is a vast amount of information in the book (which actually covers 2010), but the headlines include:

  • Toy Story 3 was the biggest UK box-office hit in 2010, grossing £73m.
  • Box office receipts were up 5% to £988m, but cinema visits were down 2%. 
  • 'British' films (broadly defined, as ever) accounted for 24% of the market.
02 August 2011
Measuring the social and economic impacts of culture and sport

The DCMS's Culture and Sport Evidence Programme (CASE) has published a new report it commissioned from the consultants TBR and the Cities Institute. The Art of the Possible? explores the feasibility of using secondary quantitative data to measure the impact of culture and sport investments.

01 August 2011
The pleasures and frustrations of blogging

This blog reached its first birthday at the weekend – we'd like to thank our readers (whoever you are) for persevering with us.

Some commentators suggest that social media will transform your business. Our experience, so far at least, has been closer to that described by George Brock here. Brock, a professor of journalism at City University and a former Times journalist, was reflecting on his own first year as a blogger.