May 2011
31 May 2011
Access to finance for creative businesses

The DCMS and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) have published an investigation into access to finance for businesses in the creative industries: the press release, with a link to the report, can be found here.

30 May 2011
New government review of film policy

Having already announced the closure of the UK Film Council and a shake-up of the Regional Screen Agencies, the government has decided to hold a review of film policy.

The review panel will be led by Chris Smith, the former (Labour) culture secretary, and will include Julian Fellowes (the writer of Gosford Park and Downton Abbey) and Michael Lynton, CEO of Sony Pictures, as well as representatives from the board of the BFI, the organisation which has taken over responsibility for film policy from the UK Film Council.

27 May 2011
Reflections on BOP's Edinburgh Festivals week

The last week has been a big one for BOP, with the launch of a major piece of research, the Edinburgh Festivals Impact Study. Richard Naylor, BOP's Head of Research, and the lead author of the report, reflects on the experience.

26 May 2011
The challenges ahead for the heritage sector

This week saw a number of publications issued which address the future shape of the heritage sector. One came from the British Academy. History for the Taking?  warns that spending cuts and ‘rushed’ legislation are leading to a rapid loss of expertise. The contributors to the report, who include Fiona Reynolds of the National Trust and John Curtis of the British Museum, offer their thoughts on how these challenges might be met.

25 May 2011
'Giving' White Paper published by government

The government has published its White Paper on 'giving', which aims to encourage philanthropy – more details here. While this is part of the wider effort to build the 'Big Society', it has particular resonance in the arts and culture sector, where greater private philanthropy is seen as one way of filling the gaps left by cuts in public funding.

24 May 2011
Media coverage of BOP's Edinburgh Festivals Impact Study

Our Edinburgh Festivals Impact Study 2011 was launched yesterday, and has already received significant media coverage: The Stage, the BBC, The Scotsman and STV were among those to report on it.

23 May 2011
Edinburgh Festivals worth over £260m to Scotland - more than golf tourism

BOP Consulting's wide-ranging impact study of twelve of the Edinburgh Festivals has revealed that their economic impact is worth a startling £261m to Scotland (of which £245m goes to Edinburgh).

23 May 2011
BOP's impact study of the Edinburgh Festivals launched today

Over the last year BOP Consulting has been carrying out a major study of the impacts of twelve of the Edinburgh Festivals. The report, based on surveys of more than 15,000 visitors, looks not just at the economic impact of the festivals, but also their social, cultural and environmental impacts. As such, it breaks new ground for this type of evaluation.

20 May 2011
Centre for Cities on the emerging role of LEPs

The Centre for Cities has published a short report looking at the progress of Local Enterprise Partnerships, the bodies established by the government to promote local economic growth.

Sink or Swim? What next for local enterprise partnerships? argues that LEPs need to stay focused on their brief: “all LEPs should primarily focus on being a strategic public, private and third sector body aiming to support private sector jobs and growth in their local area”.

19 May 2011
Hargreaves IP Review published

The long-awaited review of intellectual property and growth, led by Ian Hargreaves, was published yesterday.

18 May 2011
Seth Godin and the library of the future

Seth Godin, the marketing expert who is also one of the world's most popular bloggers, has written a provocative post on the future of libraries. In Godin's view, new technology is killing off the notion of the library as a warehouse of books.

17 May 2011
Music tourism contributes £860m to the economy

UK Music, the umbrella organisation for the commercial music industry, has commissioned research into the economic contribution of major festivals and concerts to British tourism. The report, Destination: Music, finds that they add £860m and 19,700 jobs to the UK economy.

16 May 2011
DCMS publishes its Business Plan 2011-15

The Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has published its Business Plan for 2011-15, which will be updated annually. The report sets out the department's timetable for the rest of the parliamentary term and its spending targets.

13 May 2011
What does Tech City look like on the ground?

The Tech City proposed for east London has attracted a lot of attention in recent months – BOP produced its own report on the subject here – but what does it look like on the ground? The Cities Institute of London Met University has produced a short study of the 'creative digital cluster' in the area, entitled Mapping the Digital Economy.

12 May 2011
How much does culture contribute to regeneration?

GLA Economics has produced a useful overview of the links between culture and regeneration – an area BOP's 'place-based' work often considers. The working paper – Culture and regeneration: What evidence is there of a link and how can it be measured? – observes that successful anecdotes abound, but robust evidence of links remains elusive.

11 May 2011
Celebrating the success of lottery-funded projects

The Big Lottery Fund has published a review of some of the capital projects that were funded by the Millenium Commission in the last two decades. As the report notes, the £1.3bn of investment in 225 projects followed a 'high-risk, high-reward strategy': the review celebrates some of the success stories, from The Lowry and Tate Modern to the Centre for Life (Newcastle). It can be downloaded here

10 May 2011
The changing geography of Britain's knowledge economy

Katy Morris of the Work Foundation has authored an interesting paper looking at the changing location of the British knowledge economy, a term which includes many of the creative industries.

09 May 2011
Arup's thoughts on Smart Cities

In a report first published last year, the engineering consultants Arup have explored the potential for ICT technologies, design and other 'soft' infrastructure to tackle some of the problems facing cities. The report, called Smart Cities, focuses on environmental and sustainability issues in particular.

06 May 2011
Museums' role in health and well-being

MLA Renaissance North West has published a collection of case studies relating to its Who Cares? project.

05 May 2011
How artists have coped in the recession

Susan Jones has written a short report for a-n (The Artists' Infomation Company) on the effect of the recession on artists' employment. The report, Changing Face of Artists' Employment, suggests that:

  • The impact of the recession was greatest in 2008, when the total value of openly-offered work to artists dropped by 60% on the previous year.

04 May 2011
BOP Consulting products and services

BOP Consulting offers  a number of products and services to its clients. They include our Economic Impact Assessments, which give cultural organisations and festivals robust figures for their economic impact – more details here – and our Creative Economy Profile, which gives local authorities or LEPs a thorough but cost-effective analysis of their creative economy.

03 May 2011
Measuring music's 'wallet share'

Will Page of PRS for Music, together with colleagues from Imperial College London, has produced a short report looking at music's 'wallet share'. After staying fairly steady from 1997-2001, music's share of consumers' spending power declined sharply, falling from 0.38 per cent in 2001 to 0.29 per cent in 2007, before stabilising.