Seth Godin and the library of the future

18 May 2011

Seth Godin, the marketing expert who is also one of the world's most popular bloggers, has written a provocative post on the future of libraries. In Godin's view, new technology is killing off the notion of the library as a warehouse of books.

Librarians need to shift their focus:

Librarians that are arguing and lobbying for clever ebook lending solutions are completely missing the point. They are defending library as warehouse as opposed to fighting for the future, which is librarian as producer, concierge, connector, teacher and impresario.

Godin goes on to argue that:

The next library is a place, still. A place where people come together to do co-working and coordinate and invent projects worth working on together. Aided by a librarian … who can bring domain knowledge and people knowledge and access to information to bear.

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