How artists have coped in the recession

05 May 2011

Susan Jones has written a short report for a-n (The Artists' Infomation Company) on the effect of the recession on artists' employment. The report, Changing Face of Artists' Employment, suggests that:

  • The impact of the recession was greatest in 2008, when the total value of openly-offered work to artists dropped by 60% on the previous year.

    In 2009, there was some recovery, with the overall value down only 15% on 2007 (pre-recession) figures.

  • However in 2010, the value of work and opportunities on offer to visual artists was 33% down on 2009 figures.
  • The key change in 2010 was in commissions, which provided only 18% of the value of all work, with an average budget of £21,440 … The total value of commissions in 2010 was only 16% of that in 2007 (pre-recession year).

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