Culture and the National Planning Policy Framework

09 August 2011

The Government issued its draft National Planning Policy Framework at the end of July – it can be read here. The draft is currently out for consultation (until 17 October), but is already proving controversial, as this furious piece from Simon Jenkins illustrates.

One particular area of concern was highlighted by Simon Tait, writing in Arts Industry – the almost complete absence of references to cultural assets in the document:

The word culture does appear, but only in reference to “conserving heritage assets” and “vintage trees”. Nothing about theatres, art galleries, museums, community arts, street festivals. The paper recognises the need for retail, leisure, commercial, community services and residential development. But not culture.

As Tait points out, the National Trust and the Theatres Trust are trying to encourage people to respond to the consultation.

BOP offered its own related thoughts on cultural place-making and localism back in April; they can be read here.

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