Assessing the benefits of 'green' infrastructure

11 May 2012

Tim Sutherland, an economist at Natural England, has conducted a review of studies into the economic benefits of green infrastructure, such as parks and gardens, in cities. The report, entitled Microeconomic Evidence for the Benefits of Investment in the Environment, is intended to help Natural England staff make the case for such investment. It finds that the benefits of planning for the needs of pedestrians, cyclists and wildlife in cities can be significant. For example:

  • People are prepared to pay 19% more for homes near a park
  • People with good access to green space are 24% more likely to be physically active
  • A 10% increase in green space in a city like Manchester could prevent a temperature rise of more than 3 degrees C.

The Natural England press release can be accessed here, the report itself is here.

Chris Gibbon