Hurdles on the path to valuing creativity and culture

22 May 2015

From the desk of the Chief Economist… Jonathan Todd discusses some of the challenges of estimating the economic contribution of the creative and cultural sectors

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Edinburgh’s 10-year strategy to sustain and strengthen its world leading festival city status

21 May 2015

BOP Senior Consultant Sabina Strachan on ‘Thundering Hooves 2.0’, the BOP-FEI report for Edinburgh’s Festivals Forum launched today

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In defense of a creative industries ecology...

19 May 2015

A response from Martin Smith to Iain Bennett on why there is no such thing as a creative industries ‘ecosystem’.

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Opening Out: future priorities for the creative and culture industries

06 May 2015

BOP Director Paul Owens on the need for a new philosophy for the culture and creative sectors

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Why there is no such thing as a creative industries 'ecosystem'

28 April 2015

BOP Associate Director Iain Bennett argues that economic policy for the creative industries must be based on clarity of purpose, consistent measurement and precise terminology

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Going beyond lip service on the economics of creativity

22 April 2015

From the desk of the Chief Economist… Jonathan Todd argues that we need to confront what the data about creative industries really reveals.

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If there were votes in culture

21 April 2015

BOP founder and director Paul Owens on what a manifesto that truly embraced culture and creative industries would look like.

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Reaping the benefits of social investment in culture: are we ready?

15 April 2015

BOP’s Rossella Traverso blogs on the challenges of using social impact investment in the arts

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Digital, design, data... and heritage

13 April 2015

BOP Consultant Jocelyn Bailey on creative initiatives in the heritage space

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Consensus and regressive chatter at the #CultureDebate

10 April 2015

BOP Consultant Douglas Lonie finds the main parties lacking in innovative thinking on cultural policy in last Wednesday night’s Culture Debate

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