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Your BOP newsletter - October

Finding the Active Ingredients in successful arts and cultural interventions

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The Active Ingredients

Our new guide for understanding arts and cultural interventions in health and social settings, developed with Aesop.

1. Innovation in delivery

Who profits from AI art? (Artsy)

How museums embraced digital art (FT)

How should we support mid-career artists? (BOP)

US museums push forward to ‘cultivate curators of color’ (New York Times)

2. Cultural places

Art Basel is coming to save your city (Bloomberg)

The 10 Powerhouse Design Cities of 2018 (Metropolis)

Can other cities imitate Bilbao’s cultural-tourism success? (The Economist)

Edinburgh’s events sector create global cultural recognition for Scotland [Report] (BOP)

3. Global trends

Where are all the Middle Eastern designers? (FT)

Netflix sets its sights on Africa’s largest movie industry (Quartz)

29% of all European TV channels are based in UK [Brexit Report] (European Audiovisual Observatory)

4. Best of The Blog

The state of design in the UK

The impact of Creative CashBack [podcasts]

The economic value of location filming

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