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Your BOP Newsletter - March

Preserving culture in world cities

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How can cities preserve their cultural assets?

The global affordability crisis is threatening cultural infrastructure in world cities.

Our World Cities Culture Forum identifies innovative approaches being tested in London, Istanbul and San Francisco.

1. Cities and regional development

- Liverpool launches it’s first music strategy [Report] (BOP)
- UNESCO: Culture central to the reconstruction and recovery of cities (Modern Diplomacy)
- World Cities Culture Forum announce 2018 report (WCCF)
- London, Manchester and Birmingham leaders launch new international tourism drive (ALVA)

2. Organisations

- What impact could Brexit have on arts and cultural business support programmes? (BOP)
- Museums respond to ‘stratospheric’ art prices [Report] (BOP / Arts Fund)
- New commitment to unleashing the creative potential of technology for cultural organisations [Report] (DCMS)

3. Partnerships

- Culture and the Environment: A new partnership for true sustainability? [Editorial] (Cultural Trends)
- Could blockchain be the solution in fighting counterfeiting in the art market? (Bloomberg)
- The social importance of cultural participation for wellbeing and inclusion [Report] (Culture Lab)

4. International

- Shanghai’s East Bund on the rise as museums building boom continues (The Art Newspaper)
- NEA find that arts contribute more than $760 billion to the U.S. economy [Report] (NEA)
- Museums throughout Chicago collaborate to broaden the city’s art and architecture legacy (New York Times)

5. Best of The Blog

- The spillover effect (BOP)

- Why collect? (BOP)

- Addressing accessibility (BOP)

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