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Your BOP newsletter - June

The Future of Culture in Cities

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The Future of Culture in Cities

A major new enquiry into the future of cultural investment in UK cities, managed by BOP. The Cultural Cities Enquiry looks at how culture can be more effectively resourced. Have your say.

1. Culture in cities

World Cities Culture Forum launches its Leadership Exchange Programme (WCCF)

Urban festivals boost cities’ economies (CityMetric)

The rise in urban living is threatening nightlife in cities - here’s how to protect it (Centre for Cities)

2. Organisations

Fundraising in the arts: Videos & Podcasts from our evaluation of Catalyst Evolve [Report] (ACE)

Money matters: How The Albany maximises its income for its artistic work (The Albany)

Should UK museums become more radical about diversifying their collections? (Museum Association)

3. International

EU gross box office tops 7bn euros in 2017 for third year running (European Audiovisual Observatory)

Power shuffle in China looks to hinder Hollywood in the world’s second largest film market (Fortune)

Britain’s film renaissance: made in UK, owned in the US? (Financial Times)

South Africa should turn to Creative Clusters to boost its arts (The Conversation)

4. Health and wellbeing

How important is creative and cultural participation to our wellbeing? [Report] (Age UK)

Arts & cultural organisations need to make concerted effort to bridge new alliances with health (AESOP)

The art of wellbeing: new research and exhibition by the Wellcome Trust (Financial Times)

5. Best of The Blog

Creativity in health settings (BOP)

Cultural Cities Enquiry (BOP)

The relocation of BBC Wales and its economic impact (BOP)

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