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Your BOP Newsletter - December

BOP turns 20

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Introducing BOP Fellows

To mark our 20th year, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the BOP Fellows Programme.

This programme reflects our commitment to driving progress and positive change in the cultural and creative sector, by investing in the next generation of thinkers and doers committed to a more inclusive and resilient sector. More info here.

1. New partnerships for the cultural sector

- Culture and Climate Change (WCCF)
- Arts, Culture and Transportation (Artplace)
- Are Art Museums the community centres of the future? (Metropolis)
- Why Arts and Culture hold the key to positive climate action (The Ecologist)

2. Cities and Regional Development

- A new toolkit for Creative Cities (BOP)
- How gaming can help plan the cities of the future (Citymetric)
- From Bilbao to Buenos Aires: can art revitalise a city? (FT)
- How cities are trying to save their art scenes from rising rents (Artsy)

3. Cultural Investment

- Crowdfunding presents an option beyond grant-giving for funders (AI)
- Cultural Philanthropy rewarded (BOP)
- Museums look to jewellery retail to close funding gap (FT)

4. Best of The Blog

- Supporting young people to recognise their creative identities (BOP)
- Beyond Steel and Concrete (BOP)
- New opportunities for China’s Creative Industries (BOP)

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