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Culture & heritage given political blessing from the top in China

Xi Jinping draws attention to Beijing's built heritage in his Chinese New Year visit

Over the last year, BOP have been on the ground in Beijing, playing an important strategic role in the regeneration of the city’s historic centre.

This year, Xi Jinping chose this area for his Chinese New Year visit, which he typically uses to flag important policy initiatives or areas that will be given attention in the year ahead.

During the visit, Xi Jinping reportedly said:

“The hutongs are Beijing’s roots. Cultural heritage protection and people’s everyday life can absolutely find a way to come together!”

This is a sign of the growing political importance of culture and heritage in China. It also indicates that heritage protection and re-use will be strengthened going forward, and that there may be increased focus on innovative and effective approaches suited to the Chinese context.

We wish our clients and friends in China and the UK a happy and prosperous year of the pig!

- Lucy Minyo, Consultant

Image credit: Xinhua News