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The economic value of location filming

Our new research for Film London

Our new research, commissioned by Film London, demonstrates the economic benefit to London and its 33 boroughs of location filming days.

Drawing, for the first time, upon Film London data on location filming days and an industry survey of associated spending, we found that last year these filming days:

  • Generated £168m in turnover for the capital
  • Supported the equivalent of 1,680 full-time jobs

We found that every pound spent by Location Managers on the filming of features on local authority charges (e.g. administrative fees and logistical costs such as road closures), an additional £2.76 is generated for the local economies of these boroughs. This £2.76 is composed of £1.79 being directly spent with local businesses (e.g. cafes, shops, hotels), and an additional 97p passing into local supply chains. This means that for a feature film spending £10,000 a day on local council fees, an additional £27,600 of spend ripples through the local economy.

Welcoming the research, Adrian Wootton OBE, Chief Executive of Film London and the British Film Commission, said:

“Location filming, whether it’s around London’s most famous landmarks or in anonymous warehouse space, has a very real benefit for local economies. We hope that by highlighting this we can encourage more local authorities to help us to unlock additional space, maintain the industry’s skills base and ensure London retains its competitive edge so that it remains at the heart of the global film and TV industry.”

This research has been reported by the BBC and the Irish News.

- Jonathan Todd, Chief Economist