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Night-time economy moves up political agenda

Manchester appoints its own night-time advisor

This week, Andy Burnham, Greater Manchester’s Mayor appointed Sacha Lord as his night-time economy adviser. Lord’s nightlife credentials include running the popular music festival Parklife and setting up the club night series, The Warehouse Project.

This appointment comes two years after London Mayor Sadiq Khan appointed Amy Lamé as London’s Night Czar - serving on behalf of the Mayor on night-time economy issues. These two appointments indicate the rising political and policy importance attached to night-time economy issues in the UK.

These issues, amongst many other, have been stated as BOP has toured the country for a series of roundtables, as part of the Cultural Cities Enquiry. We’ve heard a desire up and down the country to better integrate cultural venues, serving their localities throughout the day and night, into spatial planning and economic strategies.

In this context, the Agent of Change principle, which UK Music has been instrumental in strengthening, is crucial. As well as many other issues that Lord – hitting the ground running with proposals to test recreational drugs – will get his teeth into.

BOP is excited to see how Lord gets on, as well as whether other cities follow London and Manchester with this kind of appointment - or devise other ways to secure an increasingly important outcome: a flourishing night-time economy. Without which, other goals, from quality of life to inward investment, are risked.

- Jonathan Todd, Chief Economist