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Leading the world? The UK and the “global arts race”

An opportunity, not a threat.

We were interested to be mentioned in The Observer newspaper yesterday, for some work we’d done for the Creative Industries Federation.

Our brief was to look at how the UK compared to other nations. And we trawled through the international data to produce a rough analysis of how they stand.

The answer was very well. Even though government may be concerned with the threats from the sector in places like Korea, they are still a long way away from us. Our real competitors are countries like Germany or France.

So the real question is not should we be looking at this as though it is a threat - but what is the opportunity from the emphasis given to culture and creativity in these other nations? There’s innovative practice everywhere, and the “fear narrative” stops us from benefiting fully from being part of a global, connected sector. Our argument was that this is a huge opportunity for us - to relearn new ideas, find new collaborators, and open new markets.

These arguments are set out more fully in this post on why the UK sector should Open Out.

The Federation’s report will be published today. The data used in our analysis is available here.

- Callum Lee, Director