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Edinburgh Festivals 2015 Impact Study

Quality of events and record numbers drive the world’s Festival City

Earlier this week, Festivals Edinburgh and BOP released the findings for the 2015 Festivals Edinburgh Impact Report. With the help of more than 30,000 survey respondents, our report quantifies the economic, social and cultural impact of the twelve Edinburgh Festivals represented by Festivals Edinburgh. The report confirms the significant contribution that Edinburgh Festivals make to the quality of life, international reputation and economic strength of Edinburgh and Scotland.

Key findings from our study show that:

  • Edinburgh festivals attracted audiences of more than 4.5 million in 2015, with satisfaction ratings of 95% for the Festival offer.
  • The twelve festivals generate a significant economic impact of £280 million in Edinburgh and £313 million in Scotland.
  • The festivals play a major role in year-round audience development, with 68% of respondents stating that attending the Festivals made them more likely to attend another cultural event.
  • Position the city region as a leading international destination with 94% of respondents stating that the Festivals are part of what makes Edinburgh special as a city.

The study takes a holistic approach to assessing impact that considers social, cultural and economic effects. This approach of assessing the ‘all-round’ value of the Festivals was ground breaking when BOP pioneered it for the 2010 Festivals Impact Study, and was the first study of its kind – not just for the twelve Edinburgh Festivals, but more widely in the Festivals and events sector.

This current study follows on from the methodology developed in 2010 and provides the first directly comparable data on the impacts of the Festivals at a five-year follow-up stage.

Read the full report, as well as the earlier 2010 report here.

- Bronwyn McLean, Consultant