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Cultural Philanthropy rewarded

Achates Philanthropy Prize 2017 winner announced

On Monday night, we were at the award ceremony for the 2017 Achates Philanthropy Prize – a prize which BOP proudly sponsors, alongside Achates Philanthropy and Spektrix.

The Prize was created in 2016 to support innovation in the cultural sector and the development of models enabling organisational resilience.

The two worthy winners of the evening were North Devon’s The Plough Arts Centre and first-time cultural philanthropists, Claire and Ray Gard, who took away the Individual Philanthropy Award, and November Club and Hexham & Northern Marts, who won the inaugural Corporate Award. Further information on their great work can found here.

In our 20th year, we’ve worked with hundreds of cultural organisations of all shapes and sizes, and the people who support them across all part of the UK: artists, managers, boards, volunteers, funders, sponsors, local politicians. Where public support declines, the question of how we bring more private support into the sector has never been more urgent.

What the work of Achates has shown, is that the potential to increase private giving and support is enormous; in the UK we are only scratching the surface - especially outside London.

More information on Achates’ work can be found here.

- Paul Owens, Co-Founder and Director