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Crowdfunding between China and the UK

We launch our new FCO project

Yesterday we were in Liverpool as part of the International Festival for Business to launch a new project with the Guiyang Government. The project is commissioned by the British Government’s China Prosperity Fund and will identify how China and the UK can cooperate through crowdfunding.

The project aims to investigate areas for cooperation that include cross-border financing, how best-practice regulatory conditions in the UK and China support crowdfunding, and what opportunities are there for UK crowdfunding platforms to work in China and vice versa. The work will be carried out in partnership with ZhouYue Crowdfunding Industrial Park and supplementary research conducted by UK innovation charity Nesta.

For this work a number of roundtable events with regulators and businesses will happen in the UK and China. This will include a delegation from the UK attending the Guiyang World Crowdfunding Conference in October 2016. The project will conclude in February 2017 and produce a framework for cooperation that identifies how Chinese and UK businesses can cooperate through crowdfunding.

We are interested in talking to UK businesses in this sector with an interest or an existing involvement in China.

Please contact Conor Roche or Yunzhen Yang for more information.