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Creative activities unlocking positive outcomes for young people

New podcasts bring our Creative Scotland research to life

Last year we wrote a blog which highlighted the key findings of our Creative Scotland research report, ‘How do you draw a rainbow the wrong way?’. This explored how creative activities can have positive outcomes for children and young people regardless of background or situation.

To bring this research to life, a new series of podcasts, made by young people at Screen Education Edinburgh, explores the positive impacts of the CashBack for Creativity projects across Scotland, for both the young people and artists involved.

These podcasts expand on over 50 in-depth interviews with participants and practitioners in the original report, featuring case studies on the young people participating in the programme and information on the work being completed during CashBack projects across Scotland.

Each of the five podcasts explore key themes that featured in the research, including:

  • Attainment and progression outcomes for the young people
  • Employability routes and outcomes through the creative projects
  • Communities of practice - how CashBack and other creative projects rely upon these to deliver quality work and achieve real impact for young people’s lives
  • Health and wellbeing outcomes for the young people
  • Pedagogy - how learning in creative projects, including those found in the Cashback programme, are delivered and the unique features of these approaches.

You can listen to the podcasts here – with Creative Scotland producing transcripts of these to be made available soon.

Creative Scotland will also be producing a feature series, exploring each of these key themes with case studies of young people from the programme. These will be added each month to their webpage. The first one, focusing on attainment and progression can be found here.

- Joshua Dedman, Researcher

Thumbnail image credit:SHMU