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A New Toolkit for Creative Cities Across the U.K.

How U.K. Cities and Regions can nurture their Creative Industries

This morning we were at the launch of the Creative Industries Toolkit in Birmingham. Produced by BOP, in collaboration with the Creative Industries Council, the Knowledge Transfer Network, and Creative England, this report provides new guidance for how U.K. cities and regions can nurture their own creative industries.

While London dominates global consciousness of the UK’s Creative Industries, there is significant creative and cultural activity happening across every corner of the U.K. - from Bristol’s multi-arts innovation complex Watershed to Leamington Spa’s growing gaming sector.

As the report shows, this activity carries serious economic weight for cities and regions throughout the U.K:

  • Bringing over 800,000 international music tourists to the U.K., generating in £45 million in revenue in Brighton, £35 million in Newcastle, and £28 million in Coventry
  • ‘Screen tourism’ generating £140 million to local economies in the U.K., including Downton Abbey fans generating £2.7 million for the town of Bampton, and Harry Potter fans brings £4.3 million to Alnwick.

The Devolution Agenda gives the Mayors of Combined Authorities and leaders of other local authorities a new opportunity to renew and invest in these activities – based on the assets of their own communities rather than a mandate from national government.

To succeed, leaders will need to inspire their own authorities to move from a narrow view of culture to a broad, cross-cutting ‘place-based’ approach. This requires vision and leadership; time and effort being put into planning and real partnership working. This document highlights examples of success from across the UK to help make it happen.

The Creative Economy job infographics can be found here.

The full report can be downloaded here.